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:D Liz. 26. College graduate. Arizona Wildcat. Future health care professional. Full-time fangirl.
♥ ♥ ♥John Mayer. Lisa Edelstein. House, MD. Supernatural. Kelly Clarkson. Kate Walsh. Jensen Ackles. Luke Walton. House/Cuddy. Mariska Hargitay. Arizona Wildcats. Jackson Rathbone. Dean Winchester. Lisa Cuddy. Addison Montgomery. Law and Order: SVU. Babies. Lute Olson. Robert Chase. Pittsburgh Steelers. My Sugar Bear.
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Richard Belzer. NSync. Boys with guitars. March Madness. Lost. Harry Potter. 24. Dan Brown. Law and Order. Pieces of Flair. Pride and Prejudice. Justin Timberlake. Alex Cross. Mark Sloan. Resse Witherspoon. What Not to Wear. Jerry Orbach. Tony Stark.

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